Farming is a delicate process that is weather dependent, requires sophisticated equipment, and perfect timing. Our farmers prepare each field using GPS guided instruments to precisely space every plant evenly within each row, ensuring optimal growing conditions.

The length of the growing season depends on the plant variety and variables of the specific region. Cabbage takes approximately 88-90 days to mature and is harvested every day from July through November in Ohio and January through June in Florida. Cabbage is able to tolerate the fluctuating weather patterns, making it easily adaptable to extreme heat in the summertime and able to maintain its homeostatic qualities after an early freeze.

Our line-ready product is cored, pre-cooled, and shipped within hours of harvest which ensures quality freshness for a longer period of time. We have become one of the only growers in the nation to perfect this process that maximizes freshness, reduces waste, and has changed the culture of vegetable processing in agribusiness.

Just like our line-ready cored cabbage, we also grow whole head cabbage that is cooled through a vacuum tube and shipped to suppliers. The vacuum tube is a practical way to pre-cool vegetables to attain optimum shelf-life due to its speed and efficiency.

Hand-Cut & Cored in Field

Every day, our harvest crews arrive at the field and hand cut every head of cabbage, remove the inner cores, and place each head on a food-grade, sanitized belt that fills each bin. As the bin fills up, it’s sealed and delivered to a vacuum tube for pre-cooling.


Vacuum Cooling

Approximately 28,000 pounds of cabbage heads are loaded into a vacuum tube at one time for pre-cooling. The cabbage is brought from field temperature to shipping temperature which is 34 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes.

Shipped Fresh the Same Day

We ship our cabbage as soon as possible after harvest. It is typically shipped the same day it is harvested. Rothert Farm Inc. partners with Cabbage Inc. to cool, pack, and ship its products throughout the eastern United States.

Our cabbage is grown to be processed into coleslaw and salad mixes.


Fun Facts

  • Red cabbage is full of the antioxidant called flavonoid which gives it its bright purple color. The same antioxidant can be found in blueberries and flower petals.  
  • This colorful vegetable can be used as a natural dye for cloth and food. Its bright, colorful pigment gives beautiful touch to any dish.  
  • National Cabbage Day is February 17. Make sure you go to your local grocery store to cook your favorite cabbage dish!